Are all Animal Communicators Pet Psychics?


As an Animal Communicator, teacher and author for the past 24 years, my viewpoint on the subject, as expressed in my book, The Language of Animals by Bantam Dell, and taught in my workshops throughout the world, has been to keep things SIMPLE AND PURE.  I believe there is a big difference between Animal Communicator and Pet Psychic.  My belief is strong enough to have turned down a 3-book deal from a publisher because all 3 books had the word Pet Psychic in the title and that would be in direct conflict with my belief.

My philosophy regarding Animal Communicator versus Pet Psychic has been this.  Animal Communication is a language of its own.  Learning to communicate with animals is analogous to learning a foreign language like French, Italian, Spanish, etc.  It is a language that just comes in a different form than what we are used to.  An Animal Communicator has a direct two-way telepathic conversation with an animal; just like a person would communicate with another person–SIMPLE.  This is different from what a Pet Psychic does.

When a Pet Psychic does a reading, he/she might use lots of different modalities in retrieving the information:  tarot cards, spirit guides, etc.  A Pet Psychic may even forecast the future.  The Pet Psychic is not necessarily talking to the animal directly.  This is a big difference from what an Animal Communicator is doing in its purest sense.  The Animal Communicator is having a two-way conversation with the animal and no one else.

As an Animal Communicator, my focus is to engage in a conversation with the animal directly.  Why would I have to consult with anyone else such as a spirit guide regarding the animal?  In communicating with a person, you would not consult spirit guides or any other third parties; so why would we do that with the animals?  A Pet Psychic can muddy the waters if they do not identify where the information is coming from.  By utilizing other modalities, we then enter into a gray area and we lose the integrity of what Animal Communication truly is all about.  I teach my students to not cloak the message from the animal in a veil of interpretation or judgment, but to simply report it and respond to it.

Some people who come to my workshops have taken psychic development classes or have studied shamanism.   I think those techniques are great in helping a person “trust” in their intuition and listening abilities.  It is true that many of the “conversations” between an animal and a communicator come as fleeting thoughts.  The process of learning to communicate with animals is a process of learning to recognize and acknowledge those impressions as actual language.  Good Animal Communicators almost invariably have a finely tuned intuitive sensibility.  However, this is not the same thing as being a Pet Psychic, in the sense that for the Pet Psychic there is some form of “supernatural” intervention in the process.

An Animal Communicator may refer to his/herself as a Pet Psychic but there is a true difference between the two.   Some of my clients have become very confused after they have had a session with other Animal Communicators who are not clear about how the process of communication actually works.   They tell me that a communicator said their animal chose a particular diet or homeopathic remedy for himself.  The clients wonder how their animal could have known that.  The communicator is most likely recommending what he/she feels would be beneficial for their animal and that the information did not come from the animal, per se.

I have had many Pet Psychics refer their own clients to me because of this issue.  One famous Pet Psychic referred her client to me for a lost cat.  The Pet Psychic told her client that she felt the cat was dead but she suggested the client call me.  The Pet Psychic knew that this was her own impression and that she was not talking directly with the animal.  When I got in touch with the animal directly, he told me he was still in his body and gave me great details as to what he saw around him.  Well, the client found his cat alive and exactly where the cat said he was.

As animal communicators, I believe it is our responsibility to the profession to keep the integrity of THE LANGUAGE OF ANIMALS intact and not make it something that it isn’t.  It is so important to keep our boundaries clear.  And if other modalities often used by Pet Psychics are going to be used within a consultation session, the client should be advised as to what their animal has communicated vs. what information the Pet Psychic is offering from their own intuitive sense.

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