Careers with Animals

Are you looking for different careers with animals?  What could be better than spending your day working with animals?  There are so many different careers with animals that one can chose from – all of which can be very rewarding.  Some of the many options for careers with animals include veterinarian, dog trainer, pet-sitter, wild animal trainer, zoo keeper and animal communicator just to name a few.  So let’s take a look at some of the various careers with animals that are available and how they can all fit in with Animal Communication. Learn more @ The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication.

When asked about careers with animals, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is veterinarian or veterinarian technician.  Unlike doctors, the veterinarian relies on observation, tests and examination to diagnose their patients.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a veterinarian could just ask their patient where the pain exists, how the animal feels, or what their level of pain is?  By incorporating Animal Communication into their practice, a veterinarian can benefit by learning first-hand from the animals how they are feeling.  Just think how much easier this makes the veterinarian’s job!

Another wonderful option for careers with animals is to become a professional dog trainer.  As a dog trainer you help animals with so many behavioral issues.  One of the primary reasons so many dogs end up at the shelter is behavioral problems resulting from a lack of training.  A professional dog trainer can help with the dog that barks too much, constantly jumps up on people, or is aggressive with other dogs or people.  Sometimes the solution is easy for the dog trainer, but there are times when the problem can be more deeply rooted.  By working closely with an Animal Communicator, a dog trainer can find out the underlying issue for many dogs that result in the inappropriate behavior.  This can help even more dogs remain in their homes.  Careers with animals such as a dog trainer go well beyond just teaching a dog to sit or stay!

One of the fastest growing careers with animals is professional pet-sitter.  As a pet-sitter you provide a valuable service for people when they go out of town.  You are taking care of a beloved member of the family.  Sometimes the animal has no problem when their family leaves town.  But often they are sad or lonely or scared.  It can be very valuable for the pet-sitter to utilize Animal Communication to help the animal understand that their family is returning and when they will be coming home.  They can also use Animal Communication to help coax the scared cat out from under the bed as just one example..  By combining these two different careers with animals together, the pet-sitter can offer a superior service to their clients.

Some of the more exotic careers with animals would be wild animal trainers or zoo keepers.  These professionals work with a wide variety of animals that are not living in their natural environment.  This can lead to very stressful situations for the animals.  Incorporating Animal Communication into their profession can assist the wild animal trainers in knowing whether or not their animal wanted to perform that day or whether or not they were just not in the mood.  The zoo keeper could ask the animals in their care what they needed to feel more fulfilled.

And if you chose to become a Professional Animal Communicator (Tell me how) , you can work with all of these different careers with animals.  A trained Animal Communicator can enjoy working with every type of animal and in every way imaginable.  This is a skill that everyone can learn and one that you can do anywhere in the world.  You can help families find a lost animal, resolve behavioral issues, assist with physical problems and even help someone cope with the loss of a pet.  Animal Communication opens up the door to so many wonderful insights into the animal world.  It can be one of the most rewarding careers with animals you will ever find.

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