Animal Communicators

The field of Animal Communication is growing by leaps and bounds and has been for over the past 30 years.  There were only three Animal Communicators in 1980 and now there are reportedly thousands of Animal Communicators throughout the world.

Animal Communicators communicate with animals via telepathy.  There are Animal Communicators who have held onto this natural ability of telepathy since they were children and there are others who are just re-learning these skills.  Everyone has the ability to communicate with animals telepathically.   It is similar to learning a foreign language, such as Spanish or Italian.  And learning any new language requires great study, time, and commitment.  Animal communication is not psychic ability or the observation of animal behavior.  Animal communication is two way conversations between Animal Communicators and animals.

Animal Communicators can help people cope with pet loss, resolve behavioral problems, find out how their animal is feeling physically and help locate lost animals.

In the past, people would consider themselves Animal Communicators if they got a “few hits” so to speak.  Successful Animal Communication required much more than just a few hits however.  Because there is such a demand for integrity and credibility, people are turning to legitimate educational programs for their training to become Professional Animal Communicators. Learn more

What does it take to become a skilled Animal Communicator?  Here are a few of the personal characteristics of good Animal Communicators or those wanting to become a Professional Animal Communicators:

  • Compassion for both animals and humans
  • Excellent communication skills with both animals and humans
  • Good sense of self
  • Excellent boundaries
  • Being grounded
  • Sensitivity
  • Ability to focus
  • Integrity
  • Attention to details
  • Good problem-solving abilities
  • Commitment to devote the time to study and train in the field
  • Balance of ego

People today are looking for career changes.  So many people, having had a love of animals their entire life, are now looking at the world of Animal Communication where they can truly make a difference in this world on so many levels.  To become proficient Animal Communicators, there is much study and training that is required.  One would need to start with an Introductory Animal Communication Workshop.  That is the first step and the workshop at The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication is highly recommended (put website link here).

For those who feel a calling to take their training to the highest level and become Professional Animal Communicators, we suggest looking into the HeartTalk Program® Animal Communication Certification Training Program at The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication ().  This program has been carefully designed over decades to provide people with the most unique and comprehensive training in the field of Animal Communication.

The Gurney Institute produces the best trained and respected Animal Communicators throughout the world. (learn more)

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